Important Blog Announcement

Hey folks, got some pretty big news.  I’m shutting this blog down. This was all fun, it really was! But I want to go on to do other stuff. I want my art and animation to make it on its own and not ride on the coat tails of a couple of funny/flirty cosplay gifs I made. I may do another post in the future when homestuck ends, but this will be the last you hear from me.

I will be under a different name and will not be linking these two blogs together. Though I may not actively try to keep them separated. I may also put up some artwork on the new blog that was on this blog. If you see that artwork, just shoot the poster a message and make sure it was from me if you’re concerned, at that point I’ll send a message to you via this blog so you know it’s me.

If you find me at the new blog, that’s great! It’s not going to be a big deal if I’m found at the new blog, but really I’m doing this so I only follow and interact with art and animation blogs. I’m very frustrated with tumblr’s dynamic and I find myself getting angry rather than inspired.  Honestly I want to get away from this site so I’m spending more time on my own work, or just doing things that make me happy.

Thank you all so much for interacting with me for this past year. I love that I was able to make so many of you laugh! But its time to move on.  I will periodically check this blog for messages and the like, but will no longer be creating content/reblogging posts.  This blog will not be deleted, it will just be inactive.


Some pics from Saturday!

(via talldiscolatte)


some klk photos I took at acen! I was actually surprised to see so many kill la kill cosplayers~ it was awesome! The klk photoshoot was AMAZING! And im the nui in all the pics~ if you’re in here then you should tell me > v o


All the Mikisugi’s and their two-sidedness


All the Mikisugi’s and their two-sidedness


Pokemon photo shoot part 3

(via a-fictional-vaudeville)


pokemon cosplays at ACEN 2014


Acen 2014 part 6

Acen Lineup and Important Announcement!


Alright guys! It’s almost acen time so I thought I’d put up my list!

Friday: Ryuko from KLK
Saturday: Eevee
Sunday: Roxy Lalonde

Also, I’m going to say this here. If you see me/recognize me PLEASE do not tackle/hug me without my permission. Usually I wouldn’t care, but my cosplays are very fragile this acen and I can have a very easy wardrobe malfunction if something goes wrong. Obviously I’m not that tumblr famous, but regardless I wanted to say it.

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